Back recital Royal Middleton a Sant Pau

LIFE Victoria: Journey of the Hours of the Day

Wednesday 30 September - 20:00

With songs by Mahler, Liszt, Schumann, Vaughan Williams and Guastavino among others, English soprano Kate Royal, together with Joseph Middleton at the piano, relates the journey of a young man: from dawn to dusk, and back to dawn again, through the deep hours of the sometimes difficult night. 

A song for every hour of the day, with a lively start at six on this spring morning, Mahler’s Frühlingsmorgen, and ending at five the following morning in a more nuanced, passionate way with Wolf’s Morgenstimmung. Two sides of the same coin and seeing the dawn, between which this young man is, by turn, hedonistic (with Siesta by Guastavino) and profound (with Schumann’s Mondnacht); nostalgic (with Mond so geht du wieder auf by Korngold) and earthy (with Bernstein’s Rabbit Stew). 

A highly personal cycle created by the soprano and pianist, which is a journey through the human psyche and the various states of the soul.


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